Happy Earth Day!

Like many companies focused on growth while navigating a pandemic, Dishcraft's past year has been one of creativity, challenge, innovation, and determination. With the arrival of Earth Day, however, the road ahead is looking much greener! We are excited to announce the launch of two reusable foodware pilot programs that support Earth Day’s vision of long-term ecological sustainability.


Serve It Safe

We’ve been diligently working on Serve It Safe, a program to help local restaurants reduce waste and increase safety by replacing single use foodware with clean, sanitized, reusable takeout containers. Together with environmental non-profit, UPSTREAM, we are proud to recognize that our first restaurant partner, Tootsies at the Stanford Barn, will start using Dishcraft reusable container service this week.

Tootsies owner, Rocco Scordella, has taken a sustainable approach to his restaurants from the beginning, using local, responsibly sourced ingredients. When the opportunity to sign on to the Serve It Safe program arose, Rocco jumped in with both feet.

Tootsie's beautiful food in a Dishcraft container
Palo Alto restaurant, Tootsies, is now serving delicious meals in Dishcraft reusable containers


Sustainable Meal Delivery

Healthy meals and healthy planet! Dishcraft is working with organic food and nutrition company, Thistle. This week, Thistle will deliver many of their fresh, fully-prepared, delicious and nutritious plant-forward meals in Dishcraft reusable containers.

Thistle is committed to sustainability in everything they do and has six critical initiatives including an effort to “remove single use plastic packaging once and for all.” The Dishcraft pilot, which is being tested on a selection of West Coast customers, is focused on helping Thistle reduce food packaging waste while maintaining an excellent diner experience.

Thistle Packaging
Thistle is using Dishcraft reusable containers to deliver meals healthy for customers and the planet


Dishcraft’s Sustainable Solution

These two new programs give everyone at Dishcraft renewed confidence that reusable foodware—whether it’s containers for take-away or ceramic for dine in—is the way of the future. But we are just getting started. There are many exciting opportunities ahead in our efforts to provide a safe, environmentally friendly alternative to single use foodware. And with Earth Day upon us, we celebrate our momentum and efforts to support a sustainable future for us all.

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