A Day in the Life of a Dishcraft Dish

We first published “A Day in the Life of a Dishcraft Dish” in early 2020, just before the onset of COVID. The first video of our operation had just been completed, demonstrating just how our operation works. We have a new video plus several important updates to our service, so thought it was time to update this post to reflect where we’re at in September 2021.

Innovation Spurred by COVID

As we’ve documented before in our Food for Thought blog, the challenge represented by COVID spurred us to innovate in several areas.

  • We expanded our product offering to include our reusable container service in addition to our corporate dishwashing delivery service. The reusable container service has been a tremendously popular addition to our service mix.
  • We’ve also radically expanded our technical capabilities, as demonstrated in our new video, which follows our wares moving end-to-end through our expanded process.


What hasn’t changed? We still deliver beautifully cleaned ceramic plates, bowls, cups and utensils throughout the Bay Area. And we still do it all using significantly less water and energy than a typical dishroom.

Watch the New Dishcraft Daily Video

Dishcraft Daily 2021


Key Improvements to Our Technology & Service

In our new Dishcraft Daily video, you’ll see these enhanced benefits to our corporate dishwashing and reusable container delivery services:

  • Improved performance: Our new pre-soaking line, which uses cold, recycled water to loosen and remove stubborn food deposits without adding significant water usage to the overall process. The line allows us to optimize our pick-up and delivery routes to minimize our mileage because we’re less pressed to get wares processed as quickly as possible.
  • Reusable container service options: A sneak peek of our new, custom containers which are coming later this year.
  • Touchless sanitization process: Our new inspection robot, which has added 20 more points of inspection to each ware, and uses AI to determine whether a ware is cleaned to approved levels. This same robot then reracks the approved dishes for delivery, creating a touchless process for clean wares.
  • Safety protocols: Our staff – what we term dish robot operators (or affectionately, our DROs) – wearing PPE throughout the operation, which will remain our standard operating procedure.


We’re excited to be able to showcase these improvements because of the benefits they provide to our customers.

Dishwashing Hub Tour Opportunities

We are now back to hosting occasional small group tours to demonstrate the Dish Hub in action. So if we’ve piqued your interest to see more, talk to a Dishcraft representative about getting onto the waiting list for our next open spot.

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A Day in the Life of a Dishcraft Dish

We first published “A Day in the Life of a Dishcraft Dish” in early 2020, just before the onset of COVID. The first video of our operation had just...
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